First, let us say congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding.  Whether this has been a long time coming or something that pleasantly surprised you, you are now entering into the marvellous and sometimes overwhelming job of choosing who will have the honour of filming you on your wedding day.  If you are looking for a different approach to a wedding film, then you have come to the right place.


Our films have been bringing couples tears of joy, laughter and nostalgic memories since we've been in business.  Through our unique storytelling, our cinematic and modern approach to editing. Our films are not just films to be watched, but films to be experienced.  



My Name is Amy Campbell, I am a wife, a mother to my daughter Abigail and son Clark, I am expecting too this September 2022. I am always on the move to improve and love what I do! I started this business with nothing but a dream and have been loving my life ever since!


My love for the art of filmmaking,  my talent for capturing the small but big details and the ability to retell the magical moments of the wedding day helps make me good at what I do. My style is to not get in the way, to enjoy your day with you and help make every moment memorable and captured on film.





Ryan is one amazing video producer and all around wonderful husband! He has worked along side me for 6 years and is an amazing film maker. He is a pro at flying our drone and getting the tough shots throughout the day! He loves socializing so he is always quick to fit in and make friends with any bunch! He is my rock in my life and my favorite person to work with, we have grown our family and now our business together to accomplish great new hights!





Mindy has had a camera in her hand since she was a young teen. She is one of the best photographers I know but she would never admit it if you asked her. She is a beautiful mother of twin 7-year-olds and I love them all! Look out for this shooting star!


Currently, we have Mindy leading the way for our back up shooter but with more weddings on the books, we are looking to expand! Stay tuned for more updates on our team as we grow and don't hesitate to ask me who is filming your wedding if your one of our lucky couples!


Our Approach

I take a customized approach in every session. Wither it is filming or photographing your day. My goal is to incorporate your personality, style, and vision into your videos and photos making them true to YOU.

This is achieved by taking time with each of my clients to get to know your style, likes and even dislikes.

I take time to know how you've planned your big day,  this allows me to provide the best service, pay attention to details and to pay attention to the detail that keeps your day running smoothly and beautifully. 

This saves you time, money and, more importantly, stress!  I offer many levels of services that will surely fit your needs whether you are wanting an over the top wedding video or a smaller more intimate feature on a budget.

My style is simply to create natural and relaxed pictures and videos that tell the real story of your day, so you can enjoy your big day and just concentrate on having fun. Weddings are filled with emotions and my job is to capture that and to give you dynamic images so you can relive the day for years to come. 

My Wedding Video


On September 6th, 2014 I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life! I had a good friend film our wedding for us and I think this film was one of his best, maybe because he knew I could just edit it myself if I didnt like it. However, I loved it and didnt mess with it. He really captured my day perfectly!

You would think that my time spent at weddings would prepare me for the big day but I was still very nervous.  Ryan and I are such goofballs but were goofballs together!