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Lets talk about what your looking for

All of my services are custamized to you. I have some packages put together to give you ideas of what you might like to save you time and money. All services include a 

A Complete Wedding Planning Package


The perfect package if you’re asking, “Where do we begin”?  We are engaged and just are not sure where to begin.  A summer wedding on Mt. Hood or a winter wedding in downtown Portland or perhaps a fall wedding at a great new art gallery.  How much does a wedding cost?  How many people can I invite?  Can I afford a band?  Do my colors work for my favorite venue?  Where do we start?


We Collaborate

Your style will dictate how this part looks.  You can text us the basics and let us run with it (ok, we do prefer to meet you at least once in person, even if it’s just a quick coffee).  Or you may need three meetings just to get through all your inspirations, stories, and list of what you’ve seen at friends’ weddings that you definitely don’t want.  We get it.  And we’re there for you.


Your part:  Tell us your story, your style, your ideas

Our part: To combine your story, style, and ideas with our design savvy, experience, and inspiration for an overall vision of your wedding weekend

Wedding Planning, A la Mode


This is great for brides who have almost all of it figured out. You have a good idea of what you’re looking for, maybe you even have some pieces in place. Location, color scheme, maybe you have a favorite vendor or two or maybe you just know what you don’t want. We can help you pick up any missing pieces and be as involved as you need us to be. 


Here's a list of things to give you an idea of what to have our help with.

Day-of Coordination Package


You have a very clear vision of how you want your day to look and feel.  You know how to translate your love story and your style into party form.  You’re comfortable booking all your vendors and making style and menu decisions on your own.  You just want someone you can trust with all the details, all the months of effort, energy, persistence, and creativity.  You need someone to ensure your vendors arrive promptly and perform as promised, to make sure your day is flawless so you and all of your guests (including mom and Aunt Jane) can relax and have fun, so you can really live this part of your love story celebration to the full!


We Collaborate after you Create

A lot of our communication will take place in the month or so leading up to your wedding.  You’ve done the footwork and arranged all the details.  We just need to know what you’ve lined up so we can orchestrate your day according to your master plan.  We can’t wait to hear all about it and we’re happy to provide feedback and recommendations as needed.


Your part:  Give us your vision with all the juicy details.  We’ll need a list of your vendors with contact numbers and contract details (Is your photographer coming for 4 hours or 8?  When and where will your hair and make-up stylist arrive?  What time is your cake arriving and does the florist plan to decorate it with flowers?  What time will your venue space be setup? Etc), descriptions of your décor set up, a timeline of all you’ve arranged.


Our part: To be a resource for recommendations and to make sure we understand all the details of your planning so you can relax on your wedding day

♦   I specialize in custome wedding website building as well as personalized invitations and stationary.

♦   I am also very crafty and constantly tacking Pintrist projects and recreatons.

♦   Alleviating stress and handling many of the week-of errands and running around so you can enjoy the arrival of friends and family

♦   On-site coordination of the rehearsal, assistance with the rehearsal dinner and day-after brunch, including correspondence with other family members hosting these events

♦   Day of coordination for the ceremony and reception in one or two locations for up to ten hours

♦   Act as your eyes and ears to oversee and monitor contracted vendors to ensure they provided all products and services guaranteed to the highest level of quality and professionalism

♦   Anticipating the possibility of unplanned occurrences and reducing the possibility of mishaps

♦   Unlimited assistance with any aspect of the wedding weekend

♦   Provide Guidance on wedding theme and design

♦   Hair, makeup, and jewelry ideas

♦   Recommend quality vendors

♦   Appointment-setting assistance with vendors and attendance at as many appointments as possible

♦   You receive any discounts and added values that we get from vendors

♦   Assistance with guest transportation arrangements, accommodations, dining & shopping recommendations, medical needs, dietary restrictions, children and elderly guests, entertainment, etc.

♦   Coordination of your ceremony and reception

♦   Meet prior to the wedding to discuss the details and timeline

♦   Create Detailed wedding calendar & checklist

♦   Advise on proper etiquette

♦   Design floor plan layout for reception

♦   Track wedding guest list & RSVP’s

♦   Confirm vendor services prior to wedding date

♦   Meet with Bride & Groom 5 days prior to Wedding date to review itinerary

♦   Create detailed wedding day itinerary for the vendors & wedding

♦   Direct rehearsal (1.5-hours)

♦   Arrange special items for ceremony (unity candle, wedding programs, etc.)

♦   Distribute final payments to necessary vendors

♦   Coordinate vendors in adherence to the timeline

♦   Organize wedding party for processional, recessional, and receiving line   

♦   Assist photographer with pre/post ceremony photographs

♦   Arrange special items for reception(toasting glasses, favors, table numbers)

♦   Deliver wedding gifts to designated person(s) at the end of reception


Design & Décor

♦   Inspiration 

♦   Centerpiece design

♦   Stationery Design

        - Table Numbers

        - Escort / Place Cards

        - Menu Cards

        - Programs

        - Specialty Signage

♦   Charger plate rental

♦   Guest favors

♦   Welcome bags

♦   Lighting design (up-lighting, gobo monogram)

♦   Backdrop design (pipe & drape, columns, archway)

♦   Linen rental

         - Table Cloths

         - Overlays

         - Runners

         - Napkins

         - Napkin Rings

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